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We Are The Manufacturer Of Titanium Powder Irregular Check Now.

Pure Titanium powder – Irregular

Pure Titanium powder

                  Thermal spray & 3D Printing Uses

Titanium powders, are used for various applications including thermal spraying of medical implants, especially hip joint coatings as well as metallurgy and 3D printing applications of aerospace parts as well as complex machine parts. As titanium has low electrical as well as thermal conductivity it is therefore used in markets namely coating medical implants (orthopedic), as well as for powder metallurgy besides machine injection molding MIM applications.

ProductGradeParticle Size (µm)FlowabilityOxygen Content (ppm)
Titanium PowderPure55 to 105<22s/50g≤ 900

Moreover, we can offer Titanium powder having average particle size of 325 microns which is also suited for thermal spraying.

              Powder Metallurgy, Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Uses

Our Pure titanium powder – irregular shaped are particularly give strength to metal objects, render them lightweight yet strong as well as corrosion resistant. They are widely used in fireworks & pyrotechnics & powder metallurgy.

Molecular weight of Titanium is 47.90 g/mol and also has atomic number of 22.

Uses of Pure Titanium powder

  • Manufacture of complex aerospace parts
  • Medical devices
  • Military & commercial aircrafts
  • Steel as well as steel alloy processing
  • Pyrotechnics & Fireworks
  • Paints & lacquers


TestsTypical Specifications
ColorSteel grey powder
(as Ti)
99.0% w/w
Titanium powder

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