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Now We Are The Manufacturer Of Nano Vanadium Dioxide.


(Nano Crystalline Vanadium Dioxide)

Vanadium dioxide, VO2, has numerous potential applications in futuristic technologies. The largest one, at least in terms of surface area, is in glazing of windows & glass facades for making building structures energy-efficient.

This application is based on the fact that VO2 has thermochromic properties & that thin films and nanoparticle composites can transmit less solar energy above a certain “critical” temperature in the vicinity of room temperature than below this temperature. This implies that the demand on energy-guzzling air conditioner is lowered. The transmittance of visible light, on the other hand, is not influenced by temperature to a corresponding degree.

IUPAC Name: Vanadium (IV) oxide

Other names: Dioxovanadium

CAS No.: 12036-21-4

Molecular Formula: VO2

Molecular Weight: 82.94 g/mol

Nano Vanadium Dioxide
Vanadium Dioxide (Nanocrystalline)

Specifications of Vanadium Dioxide (Nanoparticles)

1AppearanceDark, black-blue powder.
3X-Ray DiffractionStrongest diffraction at 2θ = 27.80
3Shape, Diameter & MicrostructureHierarchical spherical shape with diameters 3-8 μm.


Microstructure shows nanoparticles in the range of 100-300 nm.

4Solubility in waterInsoluble
5Density (g/ cm3)Approx. 4.56
6Flash pointNon-flammable
7Moisture ContentNil

XRD Spectrum

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