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Now We Are Boron Citrate Nutraceuticals Manufacturer In India


The Boron Citrate – A Dietary Supplement of Boron

Boron Citrate contains 5% w/w of elemental Boron.

CAS No. : 74231-02-0

Mol. Wt. : 199.91. Mol. Formula: C6H5BO7

Dietary supplements containing Boron Citrate are thus is used as source of Boron.

Our Boron Citrate is Non-GMO and is manufactured using natural raw materials viz. Boric Acid, which is mined from Earth and Citric Acid which is derived from sugar cane.


  1. The Boron also is a naturally occurring trace element present in the human body & it plays an important role in ensuring proper growth & overall metabolism.
  2. Boron enhances cognitive functions besides improving memory & learning.
  3. Salt of Boron citrate is important for maintaining proper brain health as well as performance.
  4. Pure Boron Citrate is known to, in particular, increase plasma testosterone levels in the body causing higher sexual desire.
  5. Elemental Boron especially has potential anti-inflammatory action & helps immune system.
  6. It is known that Boron is generally required for the synthesis of S-adenosyl methionine, which is very important in regulation of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin & nor-epinephrine; thus paving way for better mental health.
  7. Compounds of Boron for example like boron citrate can inhibit growth of prostate cancer & enhance efficiency of anti-neoplastic drugs.
  8. Lower damage due to oxidation in the body is helped by Boron additionally. Besides it decreases NADPH production thus increasing glutathione levels in the body, which usually protects cells from detrimental effects of oxygen species.

Above all Supplements having Boron improves bone health, protect prostate or increase levels of testosterone.

Specifications of Boron Citrate

1Appearance & ColorLight yellow to off-white powder
2Loss on drying at 1050C (%w/w)Maximum 12.0
3Boron Content (%w/w) (ICP-MS)4.5 to 7.0

Our Boron Citrate :

  • Is free from GMO materials
  • Does not contain animal products & is free of TSE/BSE
Boron Citrate POWDER

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